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Saving water around the world

“Mapping the World’s Water… to save the World’s Water”

Salvare l'acqua nel mondo

the carnauba palm tree is called the “Tree of Life” in Brazil, and it is with the wax of this tree that the first Johnson wax was made, our company’s first signature product and the best of its kind.  The carnauba wax is also what led Herbert F. Johnson Jr., Curt Johnson’s grandfather, to get on an amphibious plane back in 1935, without any modern flight equipment, and to fly 15,000 miles so he could learn as much as possible about carnauba and about ways to protect it.
The connection between a sustainable company and a sustainable environment has been a founding concept of our company from the very beginning.

We committed ourselves to protect the environment because it is the right thing to do and because our business depends upon it.
From the products we create to the methods we use, our objective is to make our planet a safer and cleaner place. This is the reason why establishing a partnership with WWF, the world’s largest conservation organization, to develop the most advanced tools for mapping and protecting the world’s freshwater supply, seems just so natural a thing to do. Collecting radar-aided elevation data from one of NASA’s space shuttles – data, which is up to a hundred times more accurate than any other information available till now – a team of WWF scientists is creating a detailed digital map of freshwater courses of the entire planet.  HydroSHEDS, as this system is called, has already been used to classify parts of the Amazon River sources in South America, and it will eventually make hydrologic analyses possible anywhere in the world. JohnsonDiversey is one of HydroSHEDS main sponsors.

Why is this important? In the most remote parts of the world, accurate and detailed maps are rare, if at all existent. However, it is precisely because they are so remote and uninhabited that these regions contain some of the most diversified and unpolluted freshwater habitats of the planet - habitats that we must get to know if we want to protect them and others like them in every corner of the planet.
“Protecting habitats and natural resources is an environmental and social imperative” says Curt Johnson, chairman of JohnsonDiversey and member of WWF Board of Directors.
“For an entire generation, WWF has been committed to preserving biodiversity and the water resources that feed the world’s wildlife.

JohnsonDiversey is honoured to collaborate with WWF in such an important task". HydroSHEDS will create the first ever example of high resolution digital waterway maps in regions like the Congo Basin in Africa or the Mekong Basin in Asia. It will provide valuable information about the location of water courses and watersheds in these huge regions, about the ways in which the land around them is drained and about what actions scientists and environment policy makers can take in order to preserve them.