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APEOs eliminated from our product formulations

Last summer, JohnsonDiversey announced its commitment to stop using alkyl-phenol ethoxylates (APEOs) from its product formulation and production.

JohnsonDiversey gradually started to eliminate APEOs from its products several years ago and has now eliminated them completely from the formulations of all its new products.
JohnsonDiversey has used APEOs in limited quantities in laundry, kitchenware washing, hard surface cleaning products and floor care products. Substances resulting from the breakdown of APEOs in the environment, such as nonylphenols (NPEs) have proved to be toxic to aquatic species and capable of potentially interfering with the endocrine systems of all animal species. For instance, some studies have shown how NPEs produce high levels of female hormones in male trout.

APEOs have been used for over 50 years in cleaning products and personal care products and on industrial scale, to increase the effectiveness of farming pesticides, metal treatment and wool and paper processing.