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50,000 trees in Brazil

JohnsonDiversey plants 50,000 palm trees in Brazil

Alberi in BrasileTo celebrate TASKI's€™s 50th anniversary in the field of floor care, JohnsonDiversey planted 50,000 carnauba palm trees in the Caatinga region in Brazil.
The trees were planted to back-up the reforestation programme in the Caatinga area and to support education schemes for the children who live in poverty conditions in the area.
This initiative is part of the carnauba palm tree conservation project wanted by the Johnson family. It was started by H. F. Johnson, who in 1935 flew an amphibious plane from Racine, Wisconsin, to the Brazilian rain forest to study and protect the carnauba palms.
The seedlings were planted in the Serra das Almas Reserve, in the North-east of Brazil. The reserve was founded by Sam Johnson under the name of Caatinga Association and is placed under the management of Nature Conservancy.

The fund was established in remembrance of Sam’s father and recognises the role of carnauba wax in assuring sustainability of the Johnson floor wax business.
The planting programme was one of the first initiatives of the new Samuel Johnson Ecological Centre, opened by the Caatinga Association in October 2006 to support research, environmental education and sustainable development in the region.
The centre also provides training to the people who live in this desperately poor area of the globe, to help them establish gardens to grow food and to teach them crafts by which they can earn a living.