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Elenco Hotel responsabili in Italia che rispettano l'ambiente

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Consulting and solutions for hotel management aim at constantly researching for the best solutions in terms of hygiene, operational efficiency and protection of the environment.

JohnsonDiversey, with its long experience in hotel management, has designed a global consulting programme to meet the changing needs of the sector.
The changes that have affected the hotel industry over the last few years and the ever-more demanding market, make it necessary to combine hygiene, safety, comfort, elegance and attractiveness, but also environment awareness and culture with the main objectives of operating efficiency and cost control.

Responsible Hotel is a programme that offers a complete consulting service for the improvement of the hotel management, tools and methods to control costs, training courses for the whole staff and operational back-up for the attainment of ISO 9000 or 14000 quality certification. Before all else, the Responsible Hotel project aims at providing useful information for the implementation of an eco-friendly and responsible behaviour of the whole establishment.