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List of Resposible Hotel in Italy, respecting the environment

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Enter the world of Responsible Hotel

The “sustainable” hotels that respect man and the environment.

“Responsible Hotel” is the quality label dedicated to all the hotels that wish to offer environment-friendly services and an eco-sustainable management, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.
Guests who choose “Responsible” hotels enjoy high standard services with reliability and stability features that remain constant through time.

Responsible Hotel” is an internationally recognised independent organization with high competence in the field of hospitality and sustainable development.

Three major elements help distinguish and differentiate the “Responsible” hotels’ offer:

  • the “Customer’s Charter of rights”, i.e. a written statement available to all guests, which illustrates the guarantees offered by the hotel in terms of safety and respect of the customer’s rights throughout his/her stay.
  • Courtesy, efficiency and care are three crucial aspects that distinguish the “Responsible Hotel”, whose quality is constantly monitored by inspectors and by frequent guest satisfaction surveys.

  • The “Sustainable Management”, i.e. the ability to offer excellent services that respect the environment and that are in harmony with the local community, foresees an improvement consumption plan of energy, water and natural resources at large as well as a plan for waste reduction and for the gradual use of eco-compatible products. Last, it means a commitment to offer food prepared with natural ingredients and of local provenance to enhance traditions, reduce the use of packaging and minimise transport costs.