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WWF Affiliations

wwf As part of a major environmental initiative, JohnsonDiversey is working in collaboration with the WWF to develop a new resource conservation tool for mapping all the freshwater courses around the world.
Please read article on page 10 of this report for more information on this major project.
As sponsor of the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN), a research and educational programme established by the University of Maryland and the United States Food and Drug Administration, JohnsonDiversey has dedicated financial and human resources to guaranteeing the safety of the World’s food supply. To this end, we worked together with JIFSAN and organized an important conference for the Vietnamese seafood-farming industry last autumn. Our global Children Initiative is based upon the adoption of 56 primary schools in the 56 countries in which we operate.
For this initiative, JohnsonDiversey worked alongside the World Forum Foundation, a global network of child care professionals, which specializes in early childhood development.
Please see the article on the next page. While we provide annual financial support to the World Forum Foundation, our Global Children Initiative has been designed to be backed up by employees’ volunteering activities. As part of the Initiative, we are particularly committed to promoting personal hygiene among children through our hand washing programme.
JohnsonDiversey firmly believes in the importance of being a responsible company and of playing an active and decisive role for the promotion of economic, social and environmental well-being of our host communities.